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A Gem of the Mouse Fancy - THE PEARL By JOHN KELLETT - FUR & FEATHER - 5 July 1979

THE PEARL is one of the ticked varieties and is a fascinating mixture of delicate colour blending. The general outward appearance is a very light silver delicately tipped with grey or black but when the coat is blown open it reveals a whitish undercolour.

The Standard states: 'a Pearl mouse shall be of the palest silver shading to a whitish undercolour'. Note that the emphasis in the colour is the palest silver each hair delicately tipped with grey or black and carried on the top and belly and here the emphasis is on delicately not heavily tipped. The colour carries 30 points.

Various shades appear in the litters, as they do in most other varieties of the mouse family, but the lightest specimens are the ones required for exhibition, bearing in mind the words of the Standard-palest silver. The undercolour carries 10 points and this whitish undercolour gives the desired delicate shading. Evenness of blending carries 15 points and this is the factor that gives the final delicate colour.

Some of the darker heavily tipped specimens could, at first glance, be mistaken for Silver Greys but the undercolour would be wrong.

The Pearl was first introduced to the Fancy by Mrs Blowers, of St Albans, in 1933. It is a very attractive variety and, generally speaking, has no more faults than most other varieties and is really deserving of a greater popularity.


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