Varieties of Fancy Mice - Marked - Broken

Brokens have always been quite a popular variety although they are better kept as a second (or third) variety rather than the main variety. This is because it is very difficult (if not impossible) to establish a winning stud. Unlike most other varieties luck plays a good part (although the owner of a good winning broken would no doubt disagree!)

A Controversial Broken
The broken shown above became a champion several times during 1969, although the owner became upset when some exhibitors started suggesting that his winner had even ears. Three photographs were secretly taken (the mouse was taken out of the Maxey cage at the Liverpool show in July 1969 when everyone was at lunch and photographed) and are published here for the first time. The photographs do not totally support the argument either way. It can be seen that the mouse has markings on both ears (which suggests even ears) but one marking is bigger than the other. The other two photographs appear below.

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