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Much material on mice and rats has been published as articles, books, booklets, newsletters, etc. Fur & Feather regularly published articles and show reports on mice (but not very much on rats) from the end of the 19th Century. The LSCMRC's Digital Library Project aims to digitise much of this material which is rapidly disappearing.

Part of this Digital Library is now accessible. Opinions expressed in this material is that of the authors, and should not be taken as being endorsed by the LSCMRC. Please remember to read the older articles in the context of the time that they were written. There are some phrases which are meaningless today. We have not made any changes as we see this material as an historic archive. Readers may find articles expressing completely contrary viewpoints! The Fancy is (and always has been) made up of many differing opinions, often expressed by very colourful characters - Long may it continue that way.....

Also remember that an article about mice may still be of interest to a rat fancier - the general principles are often the same.

The LSCMRC is not, and never has been, a pet club. Some views expressed, particularly in the archives and library, may not be those to which a pet keeper would subscribe. However, it will be quite clear from published material that the LSCMRC supports only the breeding and keeping of healthy and well-formed animals.

The Digital Library

Founding of LSCMRC - Letters F&F 17 December 1915/18 February 1916
Winners (Mice and Rats) at the Annual Cup Show since 1965

Home Pets (The Mouse) - Beeton, S.O. (Chapter from book published 1843)
Fancy Mice - An "Old Fancier" (Book - Published by Upcott Gill circa 1895)
The Fancy Mouse. - Blowers, Mrs E D (Booklet - Published 1934 by F&F)

Making a start? Some helpful advice for the new mouse fancier - Davis, Mike (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)
Pitfalls for the Novice Mouse Breeder - Langmead, Ian (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)
For the Novice - Johnson, C.H (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)
To My Friend the Novice - Wilton-Steer, John (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)

The Stud Buck - Jones, A D (Tony) (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)

[An alternate route to articles about specific varieties is through Varieties of Fancy Mice]
Black Eyed Whites - Ashley, Percy (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)
Silver Tans - Clayburn, G. (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)
Once Upon a Time.... the Perfect Dutch - Davis, Mike (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)
Brokens - Riley, C.H (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)
Evens - Oliver, G. (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)
The New Varieties - S (Sid) P Boot (NMC Rule Book 1935/36) - [Chinchilla, Argente, Astrex - new in 1935]
A Gem of the Mouse Fancy - The Pearl - Kellett, J (article F&F 5 July 1979)

A Basic Guide to the Show Bench - Prantl, Frank (article LSCMRC EMR 1997?)
Stewarding - The first step to becoming a Judge - Davis, Mike (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)
Railway Rates for Mice - Chief Commercial Manager, L.M.S. Railway, 1936. (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)

The Cure and Prevention of Diarrhoea in Mice - Prantl, Frank (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)

Why I Keep Rats - and How - Housden, Leslie, MD (NMC Rule Book 1935/36)
Starting Out with Rats - Prendiville, Hélène (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)

Pregnancy & Birth in the Rat - Prendiville, Hélène (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)

[An alternate route to articles about specific varieties is through Varieties of Fancy Rats]

Show Preparation of the Rat - Prendiville, Hélène (1996 LSCMRC Handbook)


As well as an extensive collection of photographs of mice and rats which appear under our varieties pages we are also making a collection of pictures of past mouse and rat fanciers as well as many shows.

Fur & Feather
Fur & Feather was first published in the 1890's and is still in existence today. It published a regular page on mice (and sometimes rats) for many years. Copyright of Fur & Feather which was published by Watmoughs in Idle, Bradford rests with Fur & Feather (Printing for Pleasure Ltd) and may not be reproduced without permission. We have started saving these mouse (and some rat) pages in PDF format.  Some sample issues:
31 May 1979
7 June 1979
14 June 1979

Book List
A book list is under preparation - this will include books which are out of print as it may be possible to obtain these from a library or a specialist book dealer. A useful source of out-of-print Fancy publications is Veronica Mayhew (Antiquarian Bookseller), Trewena, Behoes Lane, Woodcote, Nr Reading, Berks RG8 OPP (Please mention this web site when writing)

Rats on TV
A scene from the 1970's. Peter Brady, one of ITV's Magpie presenters seen here with a Hooded Rat as part of the programmes publicity for the 1976 London Championship Show.


This is Walter Maxey, Founder of the National Mouse Club and the Mouse Fancy. The photograph was taken in the early 1900's.

The advertisement for his show cages appeared in the 1935/36 National Mouse Club Rule Book








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